Vegas 2012

Vegas 2012
Standing in The Paris. My favorite hotel!

Monday, October 15, 2012


SOOOOO........ Now that I have all this free time, I thought I would give some attention to our blog. I was embarrassed to find out that I haven't written a post on here in almost a year. YIKES! Clearly it's been too long.

Really... there is nothing new to report. Daniel, my family, and I just returned from a marvelous trip to Disneyland last week. (I was excited to leave and come home, but now looking out my window... I wouldn't mind going back.) Pictures will be coming soon. We were able to meet up with my Uncle Craig and spend quality time standing in line, eating delicious food, riding great rides, standing in more lines, seeing great shows, and spending time with one another. Did I mention we stood a lot in lines? :) It was great to come home though, I missed my dogs. However, not only is the weather here in Oregon rapidly turning fall like (AHHH my house is not yet completely decorated for Halloween!) But I have a long list of unfinished house projects that I now need to attempt to complete. (Ugh.) I suppose that I should get to them sooner rather than later as the holidays are coming up, which means guests, and parties, and people in my unfinished house. (Thinking about having people over in my unfinished house actually stresses me out more than staring at the long list of things I need to complete.)

I have decided on my new life project (which will encourage me to blog, and craft, and complete house projects ALL at the same time!) I have titled the project, "Twenty Days of Pinterest" which, is my new obsession. The idea is that I will either craft, bake, or do one of my many other pins on pinterest, with the hopes of posting pictures and actually completing things I find interesting. Since moving back into the house there has been much baking and cooking, all thanks to pinterest. (All of the pictures can be located on my instagram account at mrsmixmasta).My problem is, I LOVE to pin... But clearly, I don't follow through on my pins. So now I am forcing myself to make use of the pinboard website and get some things done! I gave myself 20 days, because lets be real, I need 10 days for excuses... :)

I did officially turn down Las Vegas school district for this year. It just didn't feel like the right time. However, they are holding my application and will contact me in March to see where I'm at. Hopefully by then Daniel will have an interview, or acceptance from UNLV and we can move there and I can teach, and life will be great. If not.... Well.... Thankfully his interviews are going well. Every time he goes to a new interview, he comes home telling me that it's his favorite school. I am convinced that by the end of all the interviewing, they will ALL have been his favorite schools at one point. I have accepted a monthly teaching job at Sellwood Elementary teaching TAG students. I am very excited to be doing something with my $30,00 degree. :) I am also volunteering, teaching Art Literacy at Greenway, and just trying not to disappear from school districts. Thankfully Daniel's new job has made it possible to move into the house, and to be here comfortably. He took a full time, salaried/commissioned job doing door to door sales for Comcast. As hard as the job can be sometimes, we are grateful for it, and are glad to be getting out of debt.

In light of my Twenty days of Pinterest project, I decided I would start today...
Today's pin was a recipe from the Mommy Makes it Better blog, it's crockpot applesauce. I recently went out and purchased my first apple corer/peeler, and WAY too many apples so I figured I better make good use of my new purchase and get rid of the apples. The recipe on her blog calls for 8 apples.... I had a LITTLE too much fun using my apple corer/peeler and ended up doubling the recipe. ( I just kept right on coring and peeling those apples.... before I knew it, I had gone through 16! apples .... :) The recipe is really quite easy, all you need is apples (any assortment will do) peeled, cored, and sliced; a crock pot, brown sugar, a lemon, cinnamon sticks and viola! You have delicious crockpot applesauce. (Actually I'm not quite sure how it tastes yet, as it's still in the crockpot with 3 more hours to go.)

I'm super excited to see how this turns out.

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